Low Emission Zone - Antwerp City

Important information for participants travelling by car:
Since 1 February 2017, the entire city centre of Antwerp and part of Linkeroever are a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) to ensure that air in the city becomes cleaner. Our partner hotel and party-venue are located inside the Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The pitches are located outside the LEZ. If you are coming to the Antwerp City Center by car be sure to follow the instructions on the LEZ site. Foreign registered cars that are allowed to enter must normally be registered. Cars that are not allowed must pay for an "entry pass". Cars that are nog registered or enter without an entry pass face stiff fines (first fine 150eur and up to 350eur for multiple days)

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Which vehicles do you have to register?

In some cases, the city does not have all the data at its disposal. These vehicles must first be registered.

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Check your vehicle

The most polluting vehicles may no longer enter the city. Check if your vehicle may enter the LEZ.

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LEZ day pass

You can buy an LEZ day pass up to eight times a year. This pass entitles you to enter the LEZ for one whole day, regardless of your vehicle.

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